Demonic flybarless systems


bavarianDEMON flybarless systems provide maximum safety, innovation, quality and performance – Made in Germany.

As the inventor and manufacturer of some of the best stabilization systems for remote-controlled model helicopters on the market, we combine the latest insights from sensor technology with intelligent software and years of experience on the flying field. This allows absolutely precise control corrections by swashplate and tail, noticeable in all flying attitudes and even extreme 3D maneuvers.

Whether for beginners, advanced or experienced 3D pilots, the flybarless systems from bavarianDEMON support you throughout all the different learning phases, demands and expectations.

Especially interesting for RC helicopters: our unique rescue system. With just one flick of a switch, the helicopter is leveled out and shot upwards on command. Your RC helicopter is rescued from virtually every situation, and only you decide, for how long it assists you. A maximum in safety, no matter during which flight maneuver.

Take advantage of our worldwide dealer network and distribution, or order the flybarless system of your choice through our bavarianDEMON webshop.


Operating manual "AXON"


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Product information "AXON"

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Instruction manual "X-series"

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Important properties

  • Flybarless systems "Made in Germany"
    certified quality accredited by ISO 9001
  • Proven 3-axis stabilization technology
    absolute precise control corrections even by 3D maneuvers
  • Usage of high quality materials
    Silicon MEMS gyros on gold-plated circuit board,
    CNC-milled aluminium housing
  • Horizontal and rescue mode
    unique rescue mode for more safety
  • Configuration
    via USB cable with Win or MacOS and
    IOS/Android-App via Bluetooth
  • Software / Firmware (free of charge)
    future-proof due to online updates
  • Suitable for all RC pilots of any learning level
    Beginners, advanced and professional
  • Universally applicable
    From 250er to large scale helicopters, from electric helis
    to combustion- and turbine-powered engines


AXON (3-axis flybarless system)

  • Equipped with the famous rescue and horizon modes
  • Supports beginners, advanced & expert pilots
  • Intelligent vibration analysis
  • Integrated governor
  • Supports common serial receiver-protocols

3X (3-Axis Flybarless System)

  • The superior 3-axis gyro system: ideal for extreme 3D-maneuvers
  • Highly intelligent software algorithms, combined with the latest sensor technology
  • Gold plated board
  • Universally applicable, regardless of the model’s size type or weight
  • Supports all common servo and swashplate types