From hell into the RC Sky High-End gyro with Horizon & Rescue-Mode
Fixed-wing gyro of the Top-Class For even more flexibility
+++ Bluetooth +++ Bluetooth-Modul for AXON and CORTEX PRO
+ + + Matching with AXON + + + The RPM Sensor Gov Sensor E8
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Gyro systems from bavarianDEMON

3-axis flybarless system

The AXON supports beginners as well as experts by absolute control of your heli, plus grear new features and of course with our proven rescue and horizon modes.

3-axis fixed-wing gyro

Get the PRO version in your cockpit! For even more fun, more safety, more comfort – presumably, only your breath will backpedal!

3-Axis fixed-wing gyro

The elemental force in 3-axes fixed-wing gyro systems, universal for any kind of RC airplane. Absolute control, even in strong and gusty wind.

3-Axis Flybarless System

For a gigantic and incomparable flight performance! A must-have for all remote controlled helicopter pilots who want to face new challenges.

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Invasion: DEMONS are LANDED

DEMONically reliable, secure and innovative!

bavarianDEMON incorporates safety, innovation, quality and customer focus. We are inventor and developer of some of the most improved and best 3-axes stabilization systems for RC aircraft currently available on the market. As a Bavarian sensor manufacturer for industrial applications, we also develop and produce all of our RC gyro systems in Germany. In short words: best quality, accredited by ISO 9001.