Steve Wilcox

About me
Date of birth




My statement

I love the simplicity of the CORTEXpro. It can be as simple as plug and play, or you can use the app at the field to fine tune it just the way you like. Its so versatile.


since 1993


 for several years

  • Dragon Rc
  • Bavarian Demon
  • RC depot Australia
  • Richos Radio Acti

Current Models

  • Vario Hughes 500e Turbine AS350 Ecureui,
  • l Align 700 mechanics Hughes 500e
  • Align 700 mechanics
  • Comparf Mephisto
  • Comparf Viper Jet
  • Comparf P47
  • Comparf Corsair
  • Comparf Pitts Python

How did I get into this Hobby

I started flying RC planes in 1993 after I won a 1/4 scale Piper cub at the Shepperton Mammoth scale fly in. My love for big planes lead me into IMAC which I competed in for several years which resulted in a few sponsorships/successes. I also have a love for scale planes and Helicopters which I have several of.

My Achivements / Highlights

  • Several IMAC Placements
  • VJAA best Sport Jet 2019