Current Models

  • EC 145 Securite Civile
  • Super Puma Norsk Helicopter
  • Alouette III Air-Glaciers
  • Raptor E700
  • Kontronik Pyro 700.45
  • Kontronik Pyro 800.48
  • Kontronik Pyro 700.52
  • Jive 120 HV
  • Kosmik 180HV
  • Jive 120 HV
  • Futaba
  • Helitec / M Blades / DH 711 F3C

How did I get into this Hobby

I was excited in aviation since I was a child. Every minute I spent at the flying site with the RC pilots, watching them fly their planes. So it was only a matter of time un-til my father got me my first electric glider. The other pilots taught me to fly it, as well as helicopters in the following years. I never got away from this great passion any more.

My Achivements / Highlights

1. place Swiss Masters Heli Scale / Semi Scale 2009+2017 
1. place Swiss Cup 2014 Newcomer F3C class 
2. place Swiss Masters Heli Scale 2012/2015/2017/2018 
3. place Swiss Masters Heli Scale 2010/2011/2013/2014/2015/2016

Michael Tschiemer

About me
Date of birth




My statement

The bavarianDEMON products are on such a very high level of perfection, I could barely wish for any more as a pilot. This precision is ideal for my style of flying and offers perfect control over my models. It’s nothing but fun flying with bavarianDE-MON on board.


since 1997


since 2005

  • Helikopter Baumann
  • bavarianDEMON