News:  The model sport in Germany is on the verge! But it should not come that far. Therefore, the initiative "Pro Modellflug" was launched by the German Modeling Association (DMFV).

The initiative has set itself the goal of preventing, together with the greatest possible number of supporters, the considerable restrictions on model flying planned by Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) in Germany.

And everyone can do something about it. You, can do something. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Support the initiative Pro Modellflug and tell with us:

Mister of Transport: Hands off from my hobby!

With the initiative, now launched under the auspices of the German Model Flyer Association, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the rescue of your hobby. Click here and sign our online petition to receive the model flight in Germany:

To official Website Pro-Modellflug:

Together we can do what each individual could not do. In this sense: let's get started!


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