Deactivation of the bavarianDEMON webshop

News 05.07.2018: We will shut down the webshop within the next few days!

All of us may have heard about the new data protection regulation, coming into effect since this year. The one or other may be effected too, or has heard about the needs to fulfill all the requirements, especially for companies running a webshop, resulting in an enormous effort and thus cost.

Being a manufacturer in the RC hobby industry, we always did and still do see the dealer network as the most perfect and meaningful interface to reach out to you, our customer group. Therefore, the webshop being a nice „add-on“, but not more, we now pull the ripcord, of course in favor of the dealer network:
We will shut down the webshop within the next few days!

How does this affect current orders placed in the webshop?
No worries, these will still be shipped of course.

How does this affect all those who ordered in the past, and cannot find the webshop any more?
Simple: contact your local dealer. Everyone with a corresponding business registration in the RC hobby business can order with us. Or make use of our existing world-wide spread dealer network. You can find a dealer locator on the webpage, which exists since a long time already:

And finally, how will this affect the overall situation?
Well, easy: Not at all! At least not in a negative way


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