Product news - AXON: From hell into the RC heaven

News: Now it is official: Fall is getting hot. From October on, and not only on the Bavarian sky, but for the entire world, there is a fiery red glowing DEMON lighting up in RC-heaven.

bavarianDEMON is well known for unique RC stabilization systems, which’s performance is appreciated by ambitious pilots. Now we are moving even one step forward: ultra-precise flight control, latest 32-bit technology, up to 3 bank sets, intelligent vibration analysis and, for all who do not want to miss a single thing, now including a governor function for electric and gaser/nitro. Moreover the AXON is compatible with all common analog and digital serial Tx/Rx protocols. This innovative technology, available to all RC pilots out there, comes in a brand new X-housing made of fire-red aluminum. It all simply feels great, and in the twinkling of an eye you will find yourself on a new level of performance.

The whole AXON feature scheme: here 

All this is possible with the brand new AXON 3-axis flybarless system. The engineers of the sensor manufactory CAPTRON Electronic GmbH and the team of bavarianDEMON meld all State-of-the-Art features in the AXON, without leaving a simple handling behind. As the most important detail is the intuitive and easy handling - especially with the soon available Android & iOS Apps via Bluetooth. 

Out at the flying field it is not too convenient using a PC, notebook or separate programming unit. Not with the AXON, as using the new mobile App enables the user to check and tune all parameter, clearly structured. The future-proof online update feature ensures a constant up-to-date state at your home – with the typical low effort and of course without any additional charges for new updates.


many try to reinvent a most stable RC flying – the real, reliable and appealing enhancements on stringent highest level is what bavarianDEMON offers. From October 1st on the next level: AXON. Blasted good looking and rasing goose bumps already during the install, is one of the typical and unavoidable »Schmankerln« by the Olchinger fun-factory with the DEMONinsde. 

Made in Germany!


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