Sven Hartmann

About me 
Date of birth




My statement

Since several years I am using CAPTRON’s products. For me personally, there is no other FBL system I want to use any more but these. IMO, AXON and CORTEXpro are the superior systems in this market to be looked for. Quality, performance - everything is simply on the spot!


since 1992


since 2000

  • bavarianDEMON
  • Kontronik
  • Jetcat
  • JETI Model
  • Heli-Factory
  • iRC-Electronic
  • Witte-Helicopters
  • SLS-Stefanliposhop
  • Dryfluids

Current models

Helis & Airplanes
  • TopRC Odyssey
  • TOPRC Aspire
  • CARF Ultra Flash
  • T-one Fortune

All flown using ATJ Turbine engines and Futaba 18MZ radio, with Emcotec inside!

How did i get into this hobby

Since my dad took me to a model airfield as a kid, I could never let go off this hobby any more

My Achievements / Highlights

  • Lodrino Switzerland:  Scale Helicopter Aerobatic show
  • Jets over Pampa (Belgium): 4th place
  • Stars of the Year 2017 (exhibition Friedrichshafen, Germany): „Best of Show“ award (Helicopter)