bavarianDEMON Software

Be always up to date about latest software updates

For the bavarianDEMON gyro systems we offer free software updates to set up new functions, parameters and options. On this page you will find all latest available software updates.

Please read the notes and details for each update!

Software AXON / CORTEXpro

V 2.0 Update-Details (Release 04.05.2018):

  • Supporting the DualRX feature. See manual and software info for details.
  • Software start issue solved, when running a French OS version.
  • Text field for device name, for easy identification via bluetooth / app.

This software will automatically update any device (AXON and CORTEXpro) on firmware < V2.0 to V2.0 when connected. Any previous configuration will stay unchanged.

This software features an auto-detection of the connected device, and can be set to English or German.

DOWNLOAD for Windows 7 and higher (17,5 MB)


DOWNLOAD MacOS 10.8 and higher (40,5 MB)


For all Android devices, that are not capable of accessing the Google Play Store, we directly supply the APK file for download:

DOWNLOAD App for Android (30,8 MB)


Software 3SX / 3X / 3Xbase

V 6.61 Update-Details (Release 29.04.2016):

  • Mandatory from firmware V.203 on. Includes tail parameter in RealTime-Tuning again, plus internal failsafe options with Futaba S.BUS.

This setup software can be set to different languages. Currently available are: DE, EN, CZ, FR, ES, CN, RU

DOWNLOAD X-series Software V6.61 (5,6 MB)


Software Cortex

V 1.2 Update-Details (Release 31.08.2014):

  • Includes new parameter for new option to disable single output channels from firmware V.15 on

This setup software can be set to different languages. Currently available are: German and English

DOWNLOAD CORTEX Software V1.2 (3,0 MB)


Software RIGID V.2 / RIGID / 3D / 3A

V 3.1 Update-Details (Release 11.10.2013):

  • Display bug fixed

This setup software can be set to different languages and supports the older systems 3A, 3D and RIGID as well. Currently available are: DE, EN, JP

DOWNLOAD RIGID-V2 Software V3.1 (2,7 MB)