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Latest X-series software

X-series PC software

Get the latest PC software (version 6.5) for your 3X or 3SX from bavarianDEMON.

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Instructions X-series

The new version 6.0 is now available!

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Price: EUR 49,58 excl. VAT

IMPORTANT: The unit does NOT need to be sent to us!

Please note the following upgrade steps:



1. Order unlock code in webshop

Please order and pay the Upgrade 3Xbase-->3X in the webshop.

All information about the order process to be found in the article description in the webshop.

Note: Articles can be listed on multiple pages! Page and order selection to be found above the article selection.


2. Receiving your unlock code

After receiving your email and payment, you will be sent an email including your unlock code, as well as a final invoice.


3. Start X-series PC-software  


4. Connect 3Xbase (HC3-Xbase) to the PC and power on device

5. Perform Upgrade

Click on "Upgrade to 3X" and follow the next steps.

6. Enter upgrade code

7. Select device „3X“

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