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The CORTEXpro opens up the next generation of 3-axis fix-wing gyros with eve more demonic features.

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Unique 3-axis gyros for RC planes


Reliable and universally ready for operation

With the high-quality gyro systems CORTEX and CORTEXpro, bavarianDEMON offers the perhaps most universal 3-axis gyros for stabilization of RC planes.
The fix-wing gyros are suitable for all types of remote controlled airplanes, from park flyer to 3D acro model and the top-class turbine jets. The sensors detect smallest deviations and smooth out every disturbance in flight behaviour at a speed that puts even the human nervous system to shame. Even strong or gusty winds are corrected easily and automatically.

Simple programming – no PC required!

The fixed-wing gyros are immediately ready for use, and no PC is required for the initial setup programming. The control functions, servo travel and, in case, mixer settings are teached-in entirely in an easy and fast one-time process using the control sticks – you can get straight to flying!
Moreover, they supports various receiver systems and all typical wing and tail setup types including canards and vectored-thrust control.

How can we help you?

The bavarianDEMON team is ready to assist you in person at numerous events, fairs and flight events all year long and in many different countries. We are proud about the ease of our products, but we know that sometimes questions arise. In this case, we offer the best possible help and support either by phone (Hotline) or online via our contact form.

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CORTEX Produktvideo No 01

The skills of the CORTEX 3-axis gyro you can convince yourself in the current product video.

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