Raja Bortcosh

About me



Absolutely worth every penny as the Captain Rescue feature is priceless to me. There are many flybarless systems out there that offer good flight characteristics and some additional features, I value Captain Rescue above all hence why I fly the Demons in all my models.

since 1991

since 1991

  • Free Agent
  • bavarianDEMON

IRCHA Speed Cup 2017!

Current models

  • MA 1005 Gasser
  • MA Spectra-g Gasser
  • MA Whiplash Gasser
  • Synergy E6
  • Logo 600

How did i get into this hobby

I started back in December of 1990 with a Kyosho Concept 30 Helicopter, an OS 32 motor and a JR Max 6 PCM radio. Always wanted to fly RC, finally decided to get into it. I flew the Concept for 6 month before getting my first model airplane. After that I was hooked!

My Achievements / Highlights

Made the Jewel RC generator system. Won several spot landing Autorotation contests. Built a name for myself as the gasser guy to go to for questions and help.