Martin Larsen

About me



Demon flybaless systems I'm sure that my helis work in slow and fast demonic 3D maneuvers at low and high head speed, and the best hardware quality.

since 2005

since 2002

  • bavarianDEMON
  • EDGE Rotorblades
  • Scorpion Power Systems

RC heli F3N 3D

Current models

Airplanes & Helis
  • JR PROPO Vibe E12 Ito

How did i get into this hobby

My father has been doing R/C, and I just grew up around RC in general. Since I was a kid, my dad took me to the flying field with him, and I was flying by age 9. But I didn’t decide to do just helis until I was about 12 years old.

My Achievements / Highlights

2013: Winner of the norwegian championship F3N/F3C
2012:  Winner of the norwegian championship  F3N