Heiko Fischer

About me



Thanks to the long experiences and the great people behind this brand you can feel the unique quality and performance! I am proud to contribute to it!

since 2003

since 2005

  • modellsport.ch
  • bavarianDEMON
  • MS Composit

3X Gigantic RC Scale 1:6 Heli Demo Flight

Current models

  • Synergy E7
  • Bell 206 "Jet Ranger"

How did i get into this hobby

Since my childhood I am a fascinated scale model pilot. As my father Bernd has been in this hobby since the 80's, it was almost put into my cradle. Therefore nearly my whole life I was in contact with the hobby and with every take-off I am glad being able to enjoy this hobby.

My Achievements / Highlights

Even in the early days I participated in competitions via buddy-boxing (mainly scale). A highlight of this was the 4th place in the Czech Scale Championship. My previous highlight in 3D flying was the 4th place at the ROTOR Live 2012.