Andreas Stolzenburg

About me



Searching for a state of the art FBL system and testing a lot, I ended up with bavarianDEMON. The easy setup and the possibilities offered by the system convinced me right from the beginning, and the flight feel after only 3 test and tuning flights totally confirmed my initial instinct. DEMONically great without getting involved in endless tuning works.

since 2007

  • Kontronik
  • Hacker
  • bavarianDemon
  • IRC Emcotec
  • PitchPump

Current models

  • Banshee 700 LE F3N
  • Henseleit TDR 2
  • Futaba T18 MZ

How did i get into this hobby

When I was a kid, my Uncle took me to the flying field pretty frequently. When I grew up and started to earn my own money, I took the chance and got myself a first robbe Eolo heli with NiCd batteries and learned flying it in the backyard of my parent’s house.

My Achievements / Highlights

My biggest success is coming home from events and funflys, bringing my helis home all in one piece. Not because I am lagging skill, no, but because I have learned that you need to work with good components and know your limits well to get most fun out of this great hobby. 

Besides this, I was a show pilot at the 3D HeliMasters in the UK.