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Noel Campion

Date of birth:
25th Dec. 1966
since 2008
My statement:
It’s great to work with a company that are
as passionate about this sport as I am.
Kontronik, Dynogy Lipo, Rail Blades, bavarianDEMON

How did I get into this hobby?

I competeted in Archery for over 10 years and represented my country on some internation events as well. I wanted to buy a new bow and a friend told me to buy a little coxial heli instead. I bought a Belt CP 450 and got hooked.

Current models:

1. Trex 700E: Pyro 750, Kosmik 200HV, JR 8717s, Rail 696, Rail 106. KDE head
2. Trex 700E: Pyro 750, Kosmik 160HV, JR 8717s, Rail 696, Rail 106. KDE head
3. Raptor E700: Pyro 700, Kosmik 160HV, Align 610, Rail 696, Rail 116.
4. Trex 450L stock everything.
Radio: Spectrum DX18

My achievements/ highlights:

I started competing in 2010 and have placed in the top 3 in all Irish competitions since excluding a crash out in one. In the Irish Heli Nationals I place 2nd 2010, 1st 2011, 1 2012 and 2nd in 2013. I placed best of the Irish in the first European F3N 2012 and first World F3N Championships 2013 and 3rd in 3Di Ireland.

2016 first place at the Irish Heli Nationals


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