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Frantisek Laube

Date of birth:
23th June 1991
since 2010
Fixed wing:
since 2000
My statement:
Having the bavarianDEMON systems in my heli
is one of the main things which will allow me to
enjoy every flight. Simple setup and one of
the best rc systems with the best flight performances
in the market.
bavarianDEMON, Jeti Model, MS Composit,

How did I get into this hobby?

I´m the 3rd generation of hobby modelers in my family. My grandfather competed with boats and my dad took me to airfields since I was 1 year old.

Current models:

Sab Goblin 630 Competition
TX – Jeti Model DS-16 carbon line
Motor – Hacker A50-530 Turnado edition
ESC – Jeti Model Mezon 135 opto RPM
Battery – 12S 4000 mAh
Blades – MS Composit Rapid 630mm
Servos – Savöx SB-2271SG HV for swash and Savöx SB-2272MG HV for tail
FBL system – bavarianDEMON 3X

My achievements / highlights:

Night flight show at Trnávka Fun Fly 2010, 2012 (CZ)
Night flight show at Pitchbrothers smack down 2010 (DK)
Night flight show at Jeti Model meeting 2014 (CZ)
Night flight show at indoor DM 2015 (DE)

Plus the opportunity to be part of the bavarianDemon, Jeti model, Pelikan and MS Composit teams.


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