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The CORTEXpro opens up the next generation of 3-axis fix-wing gyros with eve more demonic features.

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Aneta Boušková

Date of birth:
18th July 1995
Fix wing:
since 2006
My statement:
CORTEX….once you tried it you'll never
give it up!
bavarianDEMON, Jeti-Model, HEPF-Modellbau,
FD-Modellbau-Parts, RC Factory, Emcotec, Fiala

How did I get into this hobby?

I went to airfields with my dad and brother since i was little kid. I fell in love with planes like a baby and it is still with me.

Current models:

Yak 55 from GB models
wingspan : 1,8 m
motor: Hacker A60 XS
ESC: Jeti Mezon 95
Batteries: 6S-4500mAh

Extra MX from PA models

wingspan: 1,47m
motor: Power HD 5055-8
ESC: Power HD 80A
Batteries: 6S-2200mAh

My achievements / highlights:

For some people ‘achievements’ mean to get a trophy, but for me it is something different. As my biggest achievement I take the chance to be a team pilot for many great companies supporting me. And I am really proud to be one of a very few female pilots.


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