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bavarianDEMON is a creation of CAPTRON Electronic GmbH from Bavaria / Germany. CAPTRON is the co-founder of the era of 3-axis stabilizations systems in the field of remote-controlled helicopters. And the manufacturer of  HeliCommand systems, world-known for years.  CAPTRON is going down a completely new path with Bavarian Demon - and not only in marketing but primarily in the expansion of its product line.


CAPTRON is: competent, flexible, fast. With the highest precision and the highest quality awareness, CAPTRON produces pioneering technology. Especially the customer takes a central part: 
the intense exchange with the customer enables CAPTRON to respond special wishes and individual cases, and to develop high-quality products. This is equal to the companies’ structure: the flat hierarchies within the company allows a fast development of new products and a quick achievement of production stage. CAPTRON relies on short distances, less bureaucracy and a high production depth: not only the development is located within the company, also the mechanical and electronic production.


"We do not sell on price, but on QUALITY – a benefit for our customers."

(Managing Director Reinhard Bellm)


The quality is reflected on all products leaving our company which are subjected to a 100%- quality-testing. CAPTRON stands for "made in Germany": development, production, testing, sales and quality assurance take place directly in our house.

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