With the AXON, the next generation of 3-axis flybarless systems gebins: ✓proven DEMON technology ✓Mobile APP coming soon ✓New case design & many features for maximum flight fun.

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CORTEX: 3-axis gyro system for rc planes

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Introducing the new 3-axis fix-wing gyro CORTEXpro, combining easy programming without software with even more compatibility, and the latest 32-bit CPU technology.

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Get the new CORTEX firmware V.16 the ultimate 3-axis gyro for fixed wings.

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Gyro system 3X


Highest performance, versatility and absolute precise control corrections make the bavarianDEMON 3X the superlative flybarless system for extremely demanding 3D maneuvers.

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The bavarianDEMON Hell-of-Fame

At the bavarianDEMON Hell-Of-Fame you can find all team pilots of our brand. Find out more about
the hobby RC-modelling and check out the profiles of our team pilots.

Demonically stable, Demonically flexible, Demonically secure!

bavarianDEMON is one of the most distinctive and ambitious young brands in the RC model industry.

Wherever it says bavarianDEMON you can expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action, and innovation. All of this with a “demon inside“. bavarianDEMON features stabilization performance never seen before. bavarianDEMON provides numerous world first innovations to pro and beginner pilots alike. bavarianDEMON supports all flying styles, learning phases, and expectations for RC helicopters as well as fixed wing model aircraft. A bavarianDEMON, of course, comes from Bavaria. This applies to the brand, technology, research, management and finally the product itself.  bavarianDEMON builds on the long established reliability of the former „BavarianDEMON“ series.